© 2000 The Women's Drumming Circle of First Unitarian Church, South Bend, Indiana
2. Ancient Mother / Isis Astarte 3:26
Author unknown / Deena Metzger.
Guitar: Gretchen. Pennywhistle: Molly. Singers: all. Ancient Mother solo: Susan. Voice: Marj, from her article “What Is a Crone?” © 2000.
Ancient Mother, I hear you calling,
Ancient Mother I hear your song.
Ancient Mother, I hear your laughter,
Ancient Mother, I taste your tears.

Ancient Mother, I hear you calling,
Ancient Mother I sing your song,
Ancient Mother I share your laughter,
Ancient Mother, I dry your tears.

Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna
Nowadays, being an old woman is treated as something to be ashamed of. Women dye their hair, have face- lifts, and falsify their age, trying to be forever young. Not this old woman (although I do admit to dying my hair different colors as the mood strikes me). I am proud of my status as Crone. Being called a crone should be an earned title.

A song my drumming circle sang to me goes…. "Old and Strong, she goes on and on, like a Mountain." Crones are walking, talking history books. Women my age have lived through the depression and World War II. We have seen life and death many times. We are "weathered baskets", as a poster I once saw called us. We are physically weaker in body. Sometimes we even use a cane. But we are wealthy in wisdom, in stories and in history.

Marj Stradley - a.k.a. ‘Sparkling Wisdom,’ from her article “What Is a Crone?” originally published in the magazine Sophia, A Journal of Women and Religion. Sophia is available through editor Lynn Marie Helvey.