11. Crystal Clear 3:58
© 1999 Molly Moon
Vocals: 6-string guitar and mandolin: Molly. 12-string guitar: Gretchen

I am a witch in woman’s clothing,
I was the maid upon the green
All I will find in my unfolding
Still remains to be seen
There is a treasure of resources
hidden underneath my clay
I mine the joy, discard remorses,
uncovering a whole new me.

A crystal catching wave after wave,
I drowned in static unaware
Soon I knew not how to behave
Then I did not seem to care
Now as the signal comes in clearer,
and the static fades away,
I weep for joy at my new vision,
and in gratitude I pray.

And this witch thanks all who helped her
Who taught her that from fear and pain
Comes a power that can lift her
To the place where she is sane
This witch will dance and sing on hilltops,
and in valleys when there she stands
Filled with power flowing nonstop,
and rest in the Great Spirit’s hands.

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© 2000 The Women's Drumming Circle of First Unitarian Church, South Bend, Indiana