7. Let It Begin (A Birthday Chant) 1:36
Based on Reclaiming’s “Let It Begin,” new words by Catherine Pittman 1999 with permission
Vocals: Molly. Guitar: Gretchen

Let it begin with the fire,
With the smoldering coals of an ancient hearth,
With the secret visions in your heart.

May you fan the flames into life.
May you tend the fires of your life.

May all your wishes for change be done,
May you draw your power from the wind and the sun
And weave your magic in the turning moon,
And dance on the living Earth.

She is your Mother,
your healer, your lover.
You are of her, part of her circle.
Circle of healing, circle of planting.
The seeds of a new year, a year of rebirth.

This year may you find rebirth! (3X)

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© 2000 The Women's Drumming Circle of First Unitarian Church, South Bend, Indiana