5. Gaia / OoMama 1:53
Gaia © 1999 Judith Hizer.
OoMama (South African traditional)
Recitation: Judith. Solo: Gretchen. Singers: all.


I saw the Goddess
cross at the green light in front of BK today
She worked her heavy frame
across the street on strapless, sandaled feet
her long patterned dress emphasizing her wide mother-love hips
her dark skin slightly glistening in the afternoon sun
I saw the Goddess today
patiently, slowly, silently pass in front of impatient traffic
her heavy purse draped across her shoulder
her natural beauty radiating like the heat from the pavement
I saw the Goddess today
Mother of life
walk incognita across a South Bend city street
and could not keep this joyous secret to myself


(South African traditional song -- “our mothers used to pray; with our sisters we will dance.”)
Oo-ma-ma ba-ku-da-la ba-be-than-da-za

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© 2000 The Women's Drumming Circle of First Unitarian Church, South Bend, Indiana