3. I Am the River 2:05
© 1999 Lynn Marie Helvey.
Vocals: Lynn Marie, Elly and Kellirae

12. I Am the River (reprise) 2:32
© 1999 Lynn Marie Helvey
Drums: Catherine, Kimberly and Gretchen. Pennywhistle: Molly. Singers: all. Solo: Lynn Marie.


I am the river, and as the River I flow.
I am the wind, and as the wind I blow.

Every time I fly like a bird from a limb,
Every time I dive, like a fish I swim.
Every time I bend like the wind through the trees,
Every time I dance like the clouds in the breeze.


Every time I drum like the thunder and the rain,
Every time I shout and the echo calls my name.
Every time I open like a spring time bloom,
Every time I sing like a wolf to the moon.


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© 2000 The Women's Drumming Circle of First Unitarian Church, South Bend, Indiana